Conservation Programs

Manage All Types of Water Conservation Programs

Each ConserveTrack module tracks one type of conservation measure. Dozens of different modules are ready to use, off the shelf. This allows us to quickly assemble a complete, custom system for your specific conservation measures. Our team can also customize our existing modules to meet your specific needs, or create entirely new modules if needed. 

Here is a list of some of the conservation measures already available in ConserveTrack.

Conservation Measure

Rebate/Retrofits Processing

Rebate processing for ALL types of devices and Turf. Track all dates, costs, events and activities related to the rebate. Automatically integrate payments with Finance Department. Automation features speed and standardize processing. Rebate types include all indoor fixtures as well as all irrigation components from rain sensors and rotary nozzles to smart controllers. Custom rules allow you to set rebate amounts, device count limits, and rebate limits.

Turf Removal/Replacement

Simple turf removal or advance xeriscape and similar rebate programs are available in pre-configured modules. Low water use plant and tree database allows your customers to select attractive replacement plants. Flexible logic and Turf replacement rebates allows you to customize our modules to your specific ordinance.

Irrigation Checkups

Simple or extremely advanced irrigation system checkups are available. Send graphical, colorful summary reports to customers to encourage efficient irrigation practices and smart controller settings.

Targeted Campaigns And Outreach

Advance search using account and meter read data, allow very targeted outreach. Find target groups with very specific qualifications by location, account type, size, past water usage, past conservation cases and restriction violations. Then conduct outreach to enroll them in the most beneficial programs. Maximize water savings by targeting the most high value accounts with the right programs.

Irrigation Restrictions

Enforce your ordinance easily and efficiently. Automatically generate hundreds of warning and fine notices as printed letters or emails. Create reports on the number of enforcements, outreach efforts and fines. Integrated features encourage violators to sign up for other water savings programs and trainings.

Water Budgets

Billing data integration means all account history and water usage is available for calculating appropriate water budgets. Automatically compare actual usage to the allocated budget. Alert and automatically outreach to over-budget accounts.

Surveys and Audits

Conduct indoor and outdoor surveys and audits. Integrate with other programs to encourage water use education and participation. Use audit results to send invitations for other programs.

Other Specialized Programs

Many other specialized programs are available such as treebates, high user outreach, large property direct installations, retrofit on sale, water demand offset, water neutrality and many more.