Core Features and Infrastructure

ConserveTrack’s Infrastructure includes a wide variety of powerful features. The components described below support all your programs. These core features allow us to add new types of conservation measures when they are invented. When new programs are added, they automatically work with the entire infrastructure. 

A new Program is instantly reportable with the reporting system. The Automation systems can be used with any new program. All cases in all types of programs share a common base of features, no matter what type of measure is being implemented. This common set of features makes it easy for your team to use new programs with little training.

Key Features


ConserveTrack's most important feature is the underlying infrastructure and architecture. The core database and data warehouse provide the foundation for all other capabilities.

Billing Integration

Billing integration gives your staff instant access to ALL your account data and historical water usage. It saves tremendous time by avoiding most data entry, and allowing pre-vetting of electronic applications from the customer portal. It also enables powerful search filters for targeted campaigns.

Universal Reporting and Metrics

ConserveTrack includes many Automation features. Autonomous Automation processes cases independently based on any system parameter such as an overdue case or over-budget water usage. Any action can be triggered based on the condition, including changing cased data, sending email alerts to water customers or staff and much more.

Advanced FIND

Our Advanced FIND feature works in conjunction with our Billing Integration. Search on dozens of parameters including location, account type, street name, zip code, water usage history, past cases etc.

Finely Targeted Campaigns

Integrated with our Advanced Find System, target high value accounts easily with Campaigns. Send emails or letters with custom graphics and data to hundreds or thousands of customers. Track response and enroll high value accounts into your conservation programs.

AMI Integration

AMI can be exploited by integrating it with ConserveTrack’s search and alert features. Specify alert rules, and automatically create lists of accounts to notify. Automatically create cases for managing the response to the AMI alerts. Make your AMI investment payoff by adding long term consistent case management and reporting.


We make customization simple with full access to the most detailed source code and database levels giving us the freedom to develop any functionality that is needed. Your team will experience no limitations as your needs grow.

Custom Logic and Calculations

Our custom logic and calculations feature provides specific calculations of rebates, device rebate values, custom calculation logic and limits, and more. These can be based on information in the current case, billing system data, or even on previous rebates history over several years. Calculations and logic can be customized for each program.

Automation and guided processing

Guided Semi-Automation using ‘Action Buttons’ allows your staff to complete many functions with a single button click. Guide automation can guide users to enter required data at the correct time and sequence. All actions are recorded and tagged with data/time and user. Automatically trigger email notifications to one or a multiple emails. Each program can be configured with it’s own unique Workflow Steps.