The Water Conservation Platform


Track, manage and report on all types of rebates, irrigation restrictions, irrigation checkups, audits, drought programs and more.


Leverage our extensive automation, electronic applications, pre-configured reports, action buttons and more. Multiply your staff to save more water with less effort.


Quickly implement your custom water conservation system at the lowest cost possible with our extensive conservation platform. Create custom add-ons as needed with our experienced team.

The Conservation Platform

ConserveTrack is a conservation platform and a software toolbox. The platform allows us to quickly configure a custom system specifically for your utility, yet with minimal cost. When needed, our handy software toolbox allows us to create custom software features. ConserveTrack’s database and warehouse were designed specifically for water conservation. 

Why is this helpful? The data structure is designed to track any type of conservation measure. Reporting is uniform and standardized across all types of measures, so you can calculate water savings for any kind of program. Training is minimized because all conservation programs work similarly. Your staff shares all the same data instantly, no matter where they are working, in the office, in the field, or at home.

ConserveTrack integrates with your billing data so you save time NOT entering or checking names, account numbers, and addresses. Instantly find any account and view its complete history of cases as well as water use history. The Platform also ensures fast, easy, and powerful reporting. The standard structure used by all your conservation measures means reports can be run across all programs for universal reporting. The ConserveTrack Platform has been used across the US since 2005 and it has been constantly expanded and enhanced with the latest new conservation programs as well as software technology.

Powerful Reporting

Reporting is a core feature of the ConserveTrack Platform. Standard, interactive and flexible reports are available as well as custom reports designed specifically for your programs and ordinances.

Advanced Dashboards, Charts and Cross-tab Reports are Available.
Flexible Reports for Case Counts, Device Counts, Water Savings, Costs and More
Fast and Easy to Use
Breakouts by Account Type, Service Type, Year, Program, Zip Code and More
Custom Reports
Actual Water Savings Reporting on ANY Program Type
Weekly, Monthly, Annually
Reporting for Management, as well as Regional or State Regulatory Agencies


We ensure your valuable information is secure and protected. Our facilities in Nevada and Florida are protected by guards and only approved staff have access to the data. We take security seriously with electronic passcodes and cards, data monitoring and restricted data access. 

At ConserveTrack, we understand the risk of sharing exclusive information with a third party company. So when it comes to your information—security is our number one priority. With a top of the line platform, advanced security should be expected. 
 We want our customers to feel certain that we are taking every security measure to ensure your information is protected. Please, if you have any questions or concerns about security don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Key Benefits

Water Utilities benefit from our 50+ years of water conservation software experience. ConserveTrack is a professional conservation management system with features that will save you time and costs.
Implement your Programs Quickly with Minimal Cost
Save 5X More Water with Less Effort and the Same Staff
Cut Processing Time by 70%
Eliminate Chaos - Keep your Team 100% Coordinated and Organized Wherever They Are Working
Eliminate Wasted Time Searching for Data, with Instantly Updated Shared Data for your Team
Keep a Full and Detailed History of All Cases, Team Activities, Cases, Costs, Water Usage and Savings
Cut Reporting Time in Half. Experience Fast, Easy and Accurate Reporting at all Levels Without Wasting Time
Make Customer Communication Easy with No Paper Applications and 90% Fewer Phone Calls